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  • Lanisha Stubbs

Education is the most powerful

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

The L.A. W.I.R.E.'s Grow in Real Estate course set the foundation for real estate investing.

Education is a critical step in the success of any project or goal. Do you have a trusted source of information for investment tips and tools? It can be a life-saver!

Grow in Real Estate Online Course

The Los Angeles Women in Real Estate Investor's Club have an exceptional introduction to real estate investing course that sets the foundation for industry terms, scripts, and financial formulas used by savvy real estate investors. This 7 module course is a step-by-step guide for a new investors to build their book of business. It provides daily steps that should be taken to bring in new business everyday. Finding great real estate deals takes a daily commitment to achieving the larger goals of homeownership and wealth building. Real estate investing is this the golden ticket for living an abundant life.

To learn more about the benefits of membership in the L.A. W.I.R.E. Club, check out their website,

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