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  • Lanisha Stubbs

The new Inglewood, will we recognized it?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Inglewood, CA is going through a complete transformation, it will be hard to recognize soon.

Inglewood, CA

The stadium is underway, businesses are planning, the train is coming, property values are up, jobs are coming, and everyone is excited! What's the catch?

Inglewood is going through a complete transformation. Some old residences say they won't recognize their city in a couple of years. A lot of the people that were born and raised in the city, are getting priced out of taking advantage of investment opportunities. Some say minorities in the community don't have the means to take advantage of the property development opportunities. Meanwhile, outside investors that are very liquid, are building multi-family apartments and condos, business owners are securing their leases, and the streets from the airport to the Forum are starting to improve.

What will the city look like in a couple of years? There are so many property development opportunities out there, it's important for current residences to get together, combine assets, and invest in their own community before it's too late.

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